Did you know? For every $1 you spend on vehicle maintenance you save up to $8 in repair costs?

Here at Country Hills Toyota we have one of the highest rated service centres in the country. We were awarded Platinum Certification by the Toyota Service Management program in 2015. Our Toyota service centre houses 62-service bays and hundreds of Toyota Certified Technicians. With a team of 15 devoted Toyota Service Advisors you are in good hands with us.

Toyota Factory Trained

All of our technicians are Toyota factory trained so that they know your Toyota inside and out. The Toyota service technician training – called TECSMART – provides training and certification up to the level of Master Technician.

Each of our Toyota service advisors participate in a three-step training program focused on product and technical knowledge, customer care skills, and service management. Once they have completed their training courses our Toyota service advisors receive their certification from Toyota Motor Corporation. What this means is that from the moment you pull into the Country Hills Toyota Service Centre until the moment you get your keys back, everyone working with your Toyota has been trained and certified so you know that your Toyota is in good hands.

Toyota Genuine Parts

Toyota has a reputation for quality, after all how many times do you hear of a car reaching 999,999 kilometers? One of the biggest building blocks to that reputation has been the quality of parts used to make each and every Toyota. With that in mind why would you not do everything you can to have your Toyota live up to that reputation? Genuine Toyota Parts are not just created to meet Toyota’s standards they are the parts your Toyota was build with originally.

Express Toyota Service

Country Hills Toyota has an express Toyota service drive-thru, where you don’t need an appointment to get an Oil & Filter Service. The express service is more than just an oil change we use Toyota Genuine Motor Oil and Filters and include a multi-point inspection. The multi-point inspection includes lubricating the locks, latches and hinges, inspecting the air filter, checking brake, coolant and washer fluid levels, and we check the tires air pressure.


Country Hills Toyota also offers Aeroplan miles from our service centre. For every $2 spent you earn 2 Aeroplan miles. So for bringing your Toyota in for a checkup you can help save up for that trip you want to go on too.
Stay on track with your Toyota Maintenance

As a part of our Red Tag Days Celebration we’re offering 10% off any Toyota Maintenance Service in the month of June 2016 when you check-in to Country Hills Toyota on Facebook. As an additional bonus you’ll receive a free Toyota t-shirt!.