Choosing a premium all weather floor mat
Quality floor mats keep muddy boots and spilled coffee from ruining your ride’s interior. Whether you choose the durability of all-weather floor mats or the look of factory-fresh carpet floor mats, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your floors are safe from whatever comes their way.

When it comes to choosing between the best floor mats available you only had basically two brands to choose from: Husky and WeatherTech. Until now.

Husky and WeatherTech Floor Mats

Both of these liners are very popular and premium quality. Husky mats are crafted from an exclusive elastomeric material for added durability and come in a variety of colours. WeatherTech mats are made from high-density, tri-extruded material that remains flexible in extreme temperatures. They both claim to offer the perfect “fit” no matter what vehicle you drive because of laser measured and computer designed to the exact specifications of your vehicle’s interior. The biggest difference between Husky and WeatherTech is cost and promise. Husky offers a lifetime warranty where WeatherTech only gives 3 years.

Real Life

Despite the promise of a perfect fitting mat by WeatherTech approx 80% of consumer reviews will say that the main issue is “fit”. This relates to gaps and movement of the mats causing moisture and water spillage on the carpets beneath. This seems to really irritate people because both companies “promise” a perfect fitting liner. What is more troublesome is not the damage of the vehicle’s interior but the overall safety of driving with mats that don’t fit properly.

Choose Toyota

Both the Rav4 and the Camry floor mats are only $164.80 which includes front and back. Both WeatherTech and Husky liners will cost you at least $60 more.

Toyota’s new All-Weather Floor mats are an advanced concept in superior protection for your vehicle’s interior. They cover the floor and surrounding edges on all sides to help keep your carpets clean and dry. Precise injection molding utilizing Toyota’s own CAD data helps ensure a perfect fit, and the colorfast, high-tech composite materials channel water, mud and debris away from your shoes and clothing.

Another advantage to using toyota mats is when you come in for service you will not have your mats placed in the trunk when your vehicle is returned. Most people hate this but we are required by Toyota to remove any non-Toyota mat from the vehicle while you vehicle is being serviced. This is for absolute safety.

This floor mat was designed specifically for use in your model and model year vehicle and SHOULD NOT be used in any other vehicle. To avoid potential interference with pedal operation, each mat must be secured with its fasteners. Do not install a floor mat on top of an existing floor mat.

Toyota all-weather floor mats offer a better fit, protection from the elements, slip resistance, easy installation and removal, and the Genuine Toyota Accessories warranty.