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All-season tires, all-weather tires or winter tires?

All-weather tires, all-season tires or winter tires Calgary

Change of seasons brings the need to change your tires. Or perhaps not. Things can get a little confusing with all the industry terminology like all-weather and all-season. If you are like me you would rather not deal with the hassle at all. I simply want to know what the best option is for the most affordable price. Most people want convenience when it comes to dealing with vehicle care and maintenance. View all manufacturer tire rebates here.

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Winter Tires

winter tires calgary
  • Tread Pattern
    Agressive tread pattern with many integrated deep sipes that offers stability by pushing snow, water and slush away.
  • Weather Conditions
    Best performance in harsh winter conditions with lots of snow. Does not perform well on bare pavement.
  • Rubber
    Designed to maintain softness in cold weather for optimal grip on snow. Superb traction in weather at -15 °C and below.

All-Weather Tires

all weather tires calgary
  • Tread Pattern
    Slightly less agressive than the straight winter tire but more so than the all-season. It still has snipes for pushing away snow and slush.
  • Weather Conditions
    Performs best in milder winters with heavy rain and snowfall that melts quickly and turns to slush.
  • Rubber
    Designed to stay flexible in temperatures above and below 7 °C. Superior grip on snow, slush, wet roads and pavement.

All-Season Tires

all-season tires calgary
  • Tread Pattern
    Designed to provide comfortable, low rolling resistance ride during warmer temperatures. There are no sipes to clear away snow and slush.
  • Weather Conditions
    Performs best in temperatures above 7 °C and/or mild wet conditions. Optimal tires for moderate climates.
  • Rubber
    Very firm rubber compound which offers longer tread life. Loses traction at 7 °C and lower. Limited grip and traction in snow.
winter tire storage calgary


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